VerteXVaaR member since: Feb 07, 2015

VerteXVaaR's packages

  • co-stack/api

    TYPO3 REST API foundation. Built using an own middleware stack

  • co-stack/fal_gallery

    Easy to use folder based gallery with separate single-, category- and list view that supports any TYPO3 FAL driver. Official successor of wt_gallery

  • co-stack/fal_sftp

    FAL SFTP driver rewrite for the great TYPO3 v7

  • co-stack/lib

    A set of really useful, well tested and high performant php functions

  • co-stack/logs

    TYPO3 Logging API reading module and devlog extension in one

  • co-stack/php-interfaces

    Library of interfaces not defined by PHP itself

  • co-stack/reversible

    Provides portable reversible functions and queues. Can be used e.g. for transport encoding or complex value processing

  • co-stack/reversible-halite

    Provides portable reversible encryption functions based on paragonie/halite, an advanced security library

  • co-stack/reversible-php-encryption

    Provides portable reversible encryption functions based on defuse/php-encryption, an advanced symmetric encryption library

  • PHP


    Simple script to prohibit parallel execution of the same TYPO3.Surf deployment

  • PHP


    Enterprise Level Connection Manager for LDAP, SOAP etc.

  • PHP


    Content publishing extension to connect stage and production server

  • PHP


    Graphical User Interface for TYPO3.Surf

  • PHP


    Socket for TYPO3

  • PHP


    Boosts your TYPO3 instance with class preloading