FAL SFTP driver rewrite for the great TYPO3 v7

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4.3.0 2023-09-30 10:42 UTC

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What does it do?

This driver enables TYPO3 to connect to another server via SSH and use the remote filesystem as it would be on the local server. After installation and configuration you will see another file storage in the Filelist module, where you can manage your assets. The configured storage is available everywhere, where FAL is being used. It can replace the good old fileadmin or used as secondary file storage. Multiple storages can be configured.


  • Support for native php ssh2 functions (ssh2_connect, ssh2_sftp_rename, stream wrapper "ssh2.sftp://" etc.)
  • Support for phpseclib (
  • Faster than the old fal_sftp version (which had caching!)
  • Password authentication
  • PubKey authentication


Install via composer:

composer require co-stack/fal_sftp

Update information

If you update fal_sftp from 2.x to 3.x you will need to adjust your driver configuration. There is no update script available, so it has to be done manually.