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Romm's packages

  • PHP


    Handle any type of notification in TYPO3 with ease: emails, SMS, Slack and more. Listen to your own events or provided ones (scheduler task finishing, extension installed, etc…).

  • PHP


    Library that helps to map any input into a strongly-typed value object structure.

  • PHP


    Transform any configuration plain array into a dynamic and configurable object structure, and pull apart configuration handling from the main logic of your script. Use provided services to add more functionality to your objects: cache, parents, persistence and much more.

  • PHP


    Manage your forms easily with powerful tools: TypoScript based validation, Fluid view helpers, a whole JavaScript API, and more. Use pre-defined layouts for Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation to build nice-looking forms in minutes. Need to build a basic form with only two fields? Need to build a huge registration form with dozens of fields? Use FormZ, it will live up to your expectations! Visit for more information.

  • PHP


    Provides plug-in examples for the TYPO3 extension FormZ. Visit for more information.

  • JavaScript


    Replicate and modify an existing website model very easily with a flexible and lean design. Read the code examples to understand and master all the TypoScript configuration, or extend the existing duplication processes. Based on freesite (created by Kasper Skårhøj) this project was originaly conceived by Cyril Wolfangel and is developped and maintained by Romain Canon. Join the project on

  • PHP


    Use Ray in any PHP script without requiring it in your projects.