Lsyncd auto configuration that works with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Auto Scaling

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Lsyncd auto configuration that works with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Auto Scaling.

Lsyncd is Live Syncing (Mirror) Daemon.

It does the following:

  1. Monitors auto scaled instances that are attached to a load balancer.
  2. Automatically configures Lsyncd to sync across all attached instances to a load balancer.
  3. Monitors Lsyncd and make sure Lsyncd is always up and running, while Lsyncd does the syncing of files from master to auto-scaled slaves.

##Pre-requisites & assumptions

Lsyncd-AWS-AutoScaling requires the following to be set up and running on your master server:

  1. lsyncd is set up on your master.
  2. Passwordless SSH is possible from master to slave via the use of a private key.

This project is tested on Lsyncd v2.0.7 and on Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS instances.

##Set Up

  1. Set up Composer
  2. composer install to install the dependencies.
  3. cp config.php.default config.php and edit accordingly.


php monitor.php

That's all.

It is recommended to set it to run via crontab to ensure that it is run periodically and automatically.

##Disclaimer This is a rough project that solves our specific problems and may not work with other set-ups. Not a lot of effort was spent in generalizing this project. Pull requests are welcomed.

##Consulting Zynesis Pte Ltd is a Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services. Drop us a mail if you require any AWS consultations. Follow U-Zyn Chua on Twitter or on GitHub.

##Sponsor This project is made possible by the generous sponsorship of Teamie – The Collaborative Learning Network.

##License The MIT License Copyright © 2013 U-Zyn Chua & Zynesis Pte Ltd (http://zynesis.com)