Layout managemnet and injection for Zucchi Modules for ZF2

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Last update: 2024-05-11 11:17:04 UTC


Module to allow management and injection of site layouts and schedule layout changes


From the root of your ZF2 Skeleton Application run

./composer.phar require zucchi/layout

This module will require your vhost to use an AliasMatch

AliasMatch /_layout/([^/]+)/(.+)\.png /path/to/project/data/zucchi/layout/$1/$2.png
AliasMatch /_layout/([^/]+)/([^/]+)/(.+) /path/to/project/data/zucchi/layout/$1/assets/$2/$3

This will result in you being able to generate urls such as "/_layout/zucchi-simple/css/style.css"

You will also need to copy the ./config/zucchilayout.local.php.dist to your autoload folder and configure to suit.


The module depends on the ZucchiAdmin Module to allow you to manage the layouts.

This will allow you to install new layouts and schedule when they will display from

NB: The scheduling is very simplistic at the moment and will always display the most recent scheduled layout.


Layouts can be uploaded using as ZIP or TAR files. The file MUST contain the following in its root

  • layout.phtml - The phtml template to use
  • layout.json - A valid Json file containing MetaData about the layout. The file must contain keys for "name" and "vendor"
  • layout.png - A 560 x 400 pixel image of the layout

If the layout has its own static assets these must be stored in a folder called assets and can be accessed using the AliasMatch defined above

A VERY simplistic sample layout can be found at ./sample/zucchi-layout.tar.gz


  • Improve validation for scheduling for conflict management
  • Add Dependency Management for Layouts