Simple Module to allow facilitate use of Twitter Bootstrap

dev-master 2014-02-02 13:34 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-07-06 10:52:08 UTC



Module to provide files and helpers for use with ZF2 Modules


From the root of your ZF2 Skeleton Application run

./composer.phar require zucchi/bootstrap

This module will require your vhost to use an AliasMatch

AliasMatch /_([^/]+)/(.+)/([^/]+) /path/to/vendor/$2/public/$1/$3

You can now include the following in your layout to make use of Twitters Bootstrap

<?=$this->headLink()->appendStylesheet($this->basePath() . '/_css/zucchi/bootstrap/bootstrap.min.css')
                    ->appendStylesheet($this->basePath() . '/_css/zucchi/bootstrap/bootstrap-responsive.min.css')?>
<?=$this->headScript()->appendFile($this->basePath() . '/_js/zucchi/bootstrap/bootstrap.min.js') ?>

Available Features

  • Form View Helpers
    • Bootstrap Form - Render a complete form
    • Bootstrap Collection - Render a collection Element
    • Bootstrap Row = Render an element
  • Navigation View Helpers (navbar only)
  • Alert View Helpers


  • Image/Thumbnail view Helper
  • Dropdown Helpers
  • Navigation (tabs, pills, stackable, list) Helpers
  • Breadcrumb Helpers
  • Pagination Helpers