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Common classes for symfony service

0.1.5 2021-03-01 06:37 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-11-29 08:20:52 UTC


Contains common things for creation of Symfony application. Basically, can be used for every PHP application.


Version X.Y.Z imply:

  • X - const 1 before concepts does not changed
  • Y - every update contains new features
  • Z - bug fixes

BasisBundle for Symfony users

Plug BasisBundle into your bundles.php.

Explain configuration:

                factory_type: denormalize
                data_extractor: 'route', 'empty', 'json', 'post_json'
                dto_class: Zinvapel\Basis\BasisBundle\Regular\Dto\Service\EmptyDto
                constraints_provider: Zinvapel\Basis\BasisBundle\Regular\Dto\Service\EmptyDto::getConstraints
            service: some.service.name
                    factory_type: no_content
                    status_code: 204
                    custom: factory

This config will generate basis.routes.get_user.controller service, instance of Zinvapel\Basis\BasisBundle\Http\Flow\Controller.

  • context.factory_type defines factory, instance of Zinvapel\Basis\BasisBundle\Http\Flow\Context\Factory\ContextFactoryInterface. This factory respond for transformation Request into Zinvapel\Basis\BasisBundle\Core\Dto\ServiceDtoInterface. Can be:
    • denormalize - extracts data from Request, validates it and assemble ServiceDtoInterface
    • custom - indicates to take service name from custom parameter.
  • context.custom - user defined factory.
  • context.data_extractor define how to extract data from request. Can be:
    • route - from route parameters
    • empty - returns empty array
    • json - gets json from body and converts into associative array
    • post_json - combines route and json
  • context.dto_class defines class, instance of Zinvapel\Basis\BasisBundle\Core\Dto\ServiceDtoInterface, into which Request will be converted.
  • context.constraints_provider defines callable, which returns Symfony constraints array for Request validation.
  • service defines instance of Zinvapel\Basis\BasisBundle\Core\ServiceInterface. Presents route business logic, accepts the above ServiceDtoInterface, returns Zinvapel\Basis\BasisBundle\Core\Dto\StatefulDtoInteface.
  • responses.Some\Dto\Name defines how convert Some\Dto\Name, instance of Zinvapel\Basis\BasisBundle\Core\Dto\StatefulDtoInteface, to Symfony Response.
  • responses.X.factory_type defines response factory, can be:
    • no_content
    • json
    • custom
  • responses.X.status_code defines status code.

Use env ZINVAPEL_BASIS_HTTP_FLOW_DEBUG for force display all HTTP exceptions

OpenApiAssertionBundle (deep beta)

Generate assertions and classes from Swagger documentation. Provide one command:

$ php bin/console zinvapel:oa:parse-swagger <swagger.yaml> [--target <target> [--class <className>]]
<swagger.yaml> - path to yaml file with swagger spec
<target> - one of 'full', 'object', 'http'
<className> - for target 'object'. Generate just this class

Result examples:

  • Class
final class ChatIdMessageMessageIdPatchDto0DtoErrorsItemDto
         * @Serializer\Groups({"body"})
        private ?string $path;

         * @Serializer\Groups({"body"})
        private ?string $error;

        public function setPath(?string $path = null): self
                $this->path = path;

                return $this;

        public function getPath(): ?string
                return $this->path;

        public function setError(?string $error = null): self
                $this->error = error;

                return $this;

        public function getError(): ?string
                return $this->error;

  • Assertions
new Assert\Collection([
    'allowExtraFields' => true,
    'fields' => [
        'unreadCount' => [
            new Assert\Type([
                'type' => 'integer',
            new Assert\GreaterThanOrEqual([
                'value' => 0,
        'mentionsCount' => [
            new Assert\Type([
                'type' => 'integer',
            new Assert\GreaterThanOrEqual([
                'value' => 0,