PHP frontend to XMLSERVICE for IBM i development.

1.9.3 2023-02-08 18:44 UTC


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For production systems please do not use the master branch. Instead use the latest stable release.


The PHP Toolkit for IBM i (Toolkit) is a PHP-based front end to XMLSERVICE that helps programmers call RPG and CL programs along with other native resources from within PHP.

The Toolkit is open source and has been developed with help from Alan Seiden and the community.

Discussion of the Toolkit takes place in GitHub Discussions: https://github.com/zendtech/IbmiToolkit/discussions

Current Main Features:

  • Ability to call RPG, CL, and COBOL
  • Ability call IBM i native resources such as Spool Files, Data Areas, and System Values
  • Run interactive commands such as ‘wrkactjob’
  • Designed to used a choice of transports including DB2, ODBC, and HTTP
  • Compatibility wrapper to execute Easycom syntax

Planned Features:

XMLSERVICE and the IBM i Toolkit are already shipped with Zend Server and Seiden CommunityPlus+ PHP. But being open source they can also be downloaded, installed, and upgraded separately.

For examples, please visit: https://github.com/zendtech/IbmiToolkit/tree/master/samples