This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the laminas/laminas-container-config-test package instead.

Expressive PSR-11 container configuration tests

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Last update: 2020-01-20 19:21:33 UTC


Repository abandoned 2019-12-31

This repository has moved to laminas/laminas-container-config-test.

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This library provides common tests for PSR-11 containers configured using a subset of zend-servicemanager configuration as specified by Expressive

It guarantees delivery of the same basic functionality across multiple PSR-11 container implementations, and simplifies switching between them.

Currently we support:


Run the following to install this library:

$ composer require --dev zendframework/zend-container-config-test

Using common tests

In your library, you will need to extend the Zend\ContainerConfigTest\AbstractContainerTest class within your test suite and implement the method createContainer:

protected function createContainer(array $config) : ContainerInterface;

It should return your PSR-11-compatible container, configured using $config.

Then, depending on what functionality you'd like to support, you can add the following traits into your test case:

  • Zend\ContainerConfigTest\AliasTestTrait - to support aliases configuration,
  • Zend\ContainerConfigTest\DelegatorTestTrait - to support delegators configuration,
  • Zend\ContainerConfigTest\FactoryTestTrait - to support factories configuration,
  • Zend\ContainerConfigTest\InvokableTestTrait - to support invokables configuration,
  • Zend\ContainerConfigTest\ServiceTestTrait - to support services configuration,
  • Zend\ContainerConfigTest\SharedTestTrait - to support shared and shared_by_default configuration.

To provide an Expressive-compatible container, you should extend the class Zend\ContainerConfigTest\AbstractExpressiveContainerConfigTest and implement the method createContainer. This class composes the following traits:

  • Zend\ContainerConfigTest\AliasTestTrait,
  • Zend\ContainerConfigTest\DelegatorTestTrait,
  • Zend\ContainerConfigTest\FactoryTestTrait,
  • Zend\ContainerConfigTest\InvokableTestTrait,
  • Zend\ContainerConfigTest\ServiceTestTrait.

If you want also plan to support shared services, your test class should compose the SharedTestTrait as well:

use Zend\ContainerConfigTest\AbstractExpressiveContainerConfigTest;
use Zend\ContainerConfigTest\SharedTestTrait;

class ContainerTest extends AbstractExpressiveContainerConfigTest
    use SharedTestTrait;
    protected function createContainer(array $config) : ContainerInterface
        // your container configuration