My minimum viable setup for starting a PHP project.

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The PHP Website Starter is my minimum viable setup for starting a PHP project.

What my minimum setup is changes all the time, and this repository will change with it. The idea is that, whenever I start a new website project, I can get a checkout of the current state of this repository without having to think about where I will start.

This is heavily inspired by the Fermi Framework and even uses similar dependencies. But I have a slightly different way of wanting to handle my configurations and base dependencies.


Via Composer

$ composer create-project zegnat/website-starter

Current Practices

  1. Using Auryn to get actual dependency injections. Never pass around a container.
  2. Using PSR-7 HTTP message objects with PSR-17 factories for all request and response handling.
  3. Using nyholm/psr7-server to create the initial PSR-7 request.
  4. Using Middleland to run through all configured PSR-15 Middlewares.
  5. Using FastRoute to parse requested URIs and find the matching PSR-15 RequestHandlers.
  6. Using a Zend Emitter to output a final response to the web server.
  7. Using PHP CS Fixer to check all code against a somewhat opinionated set of style rules based on the Symfony Coding Standards.
  8. Using PHPUnit to test all classes used in the project and generate coverage reports using phpdbg.

PSR-7 & PSR-17 Providers

By default this project loads Diactoros for its PSR-7 objects and matching PSR-17 factories.

The providers can easily be swapped for a different set of implementations. Simply remove the dependency from composer and add a new one. Example:

$ composer remove zendframework/zend-diactoros
$ composer require nyholm/psr7

Then change the injector configuration to tell Auryn which factories it should use. In the case of nyholm/psr7 all of them can be defined as Nyholm\Psr7\Factory\Psr17Factory::class.


The BSD Zero Clause License (0BSD). Please see the LICENSE file for more information.