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Each developer needs to check the sending of email messages during development. Most of them have their own ways - usage gmail, Mailtrap, laravel logs, etc.

This solution will create its own mail transport, saving emails as daily logs, with the ability to view!


📜 Installation

The package can be installed via composer:

composer require yzen.dev/laravel-local-mailer

In the config config/mail.php add a new transport:

return [
    'mailers' => [
        'local-mailer' => [
            'transport' => 'local-mailer'

Now you can include this transport in the env:


The page for viewing is available at {HOST}/local-mailer. Here you can view the log for any date. For each log, the full email will be displayed - the title, to, contents of the letter (html page), attached files, etc.