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An agnostics configuration loader with built-in loaders for YAML, TOML and JSON.

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Requires PHP >= 7.2.

Use Composer to install this package:

composer require yosymfony/config-loader



The class ConfigLoader let you load your configuration resources. It expects a list of loaders in the constructor so you can pass to it only those ones you need:

use Yosymfony\ConfigLoader\FileLocator;
use Yosymfony\ConfigLoader\ConfigLoader;

// The file locator uses an array of pre-defined paths to find files:
$locator = new FileLocator(['/path1', '/path2']);

// Set up the ConfigLoader to work with YAML and TOML configuration files:
$config = new ConfigLoader([
    new YamlLoader($locator),
    new TomlLoader($locator),

Available loaders

Yaml loader

Requires: Symfony YAML component:

composer require symfony/yaml


$config = new ConfigLoader([
  new YamlLoader($locator),

Toml loader

Requires: Toml component:

composer require yosymfony/toml


$config = new ConfigLoader([
  new TomlLoader($locator),

Json loader


$config = new ConfigLoader([
  new JsonLoader($locator),

Loading configuration files:

// Search this file in "path1" and "path2":
// or load a file using its absolute path:

.dist files

This library has support for .dist files. The filename is resolved following the next hierarchy:

  1. filename.ext
  2. filename.ext.dist (if filename.ext does not exist)

Loading inline configuration:

To parse inline configurations you just need to set the configuration text as first argument instead of the filename and set the format type as second one:

$repository = $config->load('server: "your-name.com"', YamlLoader::TYPE);

Importing files

This library has support for importing files. The example below shows a YAML file importing three files:

  - config-imported.yml
  - config-imported.toml
  - config-imported.json

Similar example using JSON syntax:

  "imports": [

An example using TOML syntax:

imports = [


A configuration file is loaded into a repository. A repository is a wrapper that implements the ArrayAccess interface and exposes methods for working with configuration values.

// Returns the value associeted with key "name" or the default value in case not found
$repository->get('name', 'default');

// Do the same that the previous sentence but using array notation



You can performs the union of a repository A with another B into C as result:

$resultC = $repositoryA->union($repositoryB);

The values of $repositoryB have less priority than values in $repositoryA.


You can performs the intersection of a repository A with another B into C as result:

$resultC = $repositoryA->intersection($repositoryB);

The values of $repositoryB have less priority than values in $repositoryA.

Creating a blank repository

Creating a blank repository is too easy. You just need to create a instance of a Repository class:

use Yosymfony\Config-loader\Repository;


$repository = new Repository([
  'name' => 'Yo! Symfony',

$repository->set('server', 'your-name.com');

Unit tests

You can run the unit tests with the following command:

$ cd toml
$ composer test


This library is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.