toastr.js flush notifications for Laravel and Lumen

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👀 This package helps you to add toastr.js notifications to your Laravel projects.

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You can install the package using composer

composer require yoeunes/toastr


The usage of this package is very simple and straightforward. it only required one step to use it :

Use toastr() helper function inside your controller to set a toast notification for info, success, warning or error

// Display an error toast with no title
toastr()->error('Oops! Something went wrong!');

As an example:


namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use App\Post;
use App\Http\Requests\PostRequest;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class PostController extends Controller
    public function store(PostRequest $request)
        $post = Post::create($request->only(['title', 'body']));

        if ($post instanceof Model) {
            toastr()->success('Data has been saved successfully!');

            return redirect()->route('posts.index');

        toastr()->error('An error has occurred please try again later.');

        return back();

Other Options

// Set a warning toast, with no title
toastr()->warning('Are you sure you want to proceed ?');

// Set a success toast, with a title
toastr()->success('Data has been saved successfully!', 'Congrats');

// Set an error toast, with a title
toastr()->error('Oops! Something went wrong!', 'Oops!');

// Override global config options from 'config/toastr.php'
toastr()->success('Data has been saved successfully!', 'Congrats', ['timeOut' => 5000]);

Other api methods:

You can also chain multiple messages together using method chaining

    ->info('Welcome back')
    ->success('Data has been saved successfully!')
    ->warning('Are you sure you want to proceed ?');

You can use toastr('') instead of toastr()->success()

function toastr(string $message = null, string $type = 'success', string $title = '', array $options = []);


  • toastr($message) is equivalent to toastr()->success($message)
  • toastr($message, 'info') is equivalent to toastr()->info($message)
  • toastr($message, 'warning') is equivalent to toastr()->warning($message)
  • toastr($message, 'error') is equivalent to toastr()->error($message)


As optional if you want to modify the default configuration, you can publish the configuration file:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Yoeunes\Toastr\ToastrServiceProvider"

For Windows users if you get Unable to locate publishable resources

Screenshot from 2020-12-29 11-28-38

Run this command :

php artisan vendor:publish

And after that select Yoeunes\Toastr\ToastrServiceProvider

// config/toastr.php

return [

    | Toastr options
    | Here you can specify the options that will be passed to the toastr.js
    | library. For a full list of options, visit the documentation.
    'options' => [
        'closeButton'       => true,
        'closeClass'        => 'toast-close-button',
        'closeDuration'     => 300,
        'closeEasing'       => 'swing',
        'closeHtml'         => '<button><i class="icon-off"></i></button>',
        'closeMethod'       => 'fadeOut',
        'closeOnHover'      => true,
        'containerId'       => 'toast-container',
        'debug'             => false,
        'escapeHtml'        => false,
        'extendedTimeOut'   => 10000,
        'hideDuration'      => 1000,
        'hideEasing'        => 'linear',
        'hideMethod'        => 'fadeOut',
        'iconClass'         => 'toast-info',
        'iconClasses'       => [
            'error'   => 'toast-error',
            'info'    => 'toast-info',
            'success' => 'toast-success',
            'warning' => 'toast-warning',
        'messageClass'      => 'toast-message',
        'newestOnTop'       => false,
        'onHidden'          => null,
        'onShown'           => null,
        'positionClass'     => 'toast-top-right',
        'preventDuplicates' => true,
        'progressBar'       => true,
        'progressClass'     => 'toast-progress',
        'rtl'               => false,
        'showDuration'      => 300,
        'showEasing'        => 'swing',
        'showMethod'        => 'fadeIn',
        'tapToDismiss'      => true,
        'target'            => 'body',
        'timeOut'           => 5000,
        'titleClass'        => 'toast-title',
        'toastClass'        => 'toast',

For a list of available options, see toastr.js' documentation.