Module to add a React minicart to Magento 2 KO frontend

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0.0.1 2019-03-22 10:07 UTC

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Last update: 2020-10-19 13:23:34 UTC


This module offers a React-based minicart to replace the existing minicart of Magento itself. Please note that this is an experiment to show how easy it is to build React components. It could be used on live sites, but comes without warranties.


Before you install this module, make sure to install the Yireo_React module first. An install via composer should pick this up right away.

Use the following commands to install this module into Magento 2:

composer config repositories.yireo-react vcs git@github.com:yireo-training/Yireo_React.git
composer config repositories.yireo-react-minicart vcs git@github.com:yireo-training/Yireo_ReactMinicart.git
composer require yireo/magento2-react-minicart:dev-master

bin/magento module:enable Yireo_React Yireo_ReactMinicart
bin/magento setup:upgrade

Make sure to read the Usage section below as well.


This module adds an additional minicart to the Magento 2 frontend, based upon ReactJS, and it removes the old component. This requires the source to be compiled into generic JS code. To compile the source, follow the procedure of Yireo_React to compile the sources from the root of Magento:

yarn dev