Module to add React to Magento 2 KO frontend

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16.9.0 2019-08-26 11:12 UTC


The current Magento 2 frontend is based on Knockout, RequireJS and ES5 code. However, with an eye on the upcoming PWA moves, it is already possible to add React components to the Magento 2 frontend as it is. This Magento module serves as a base module, to offer generic RequireJS aliases react and reactDOM to be used in other modules like Yireo_ReactMinicart and Yireo_ReactMenu.


Use the following commands to install this module into Magento 2:

composer require yireo/magento2-react:dev-master
bin/magento module:enable Yireo_React
bin/magento setup:upgrade

This package itself installs the minified production versions of React and ReactDOM (which saves you more than 600 Kb). However, for development, it is nicer (because of reporting and the usage of browser extensions) to use the development versions of React which are shipped in a different module:

composer require yireo/magento2-react-development:dev-master --dev
bin/magento module:enable Yireo_ReactDevelopment
bin/magento setup:upgrade


This module has no real functionality. It is only offering RequireJS aliases for usage in other React-components.

See the Yireo_ReactExample module for a dummy component.