Magento 2 module to add rate limiting to GraphQL resources

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Magento 2 module to add rate limiting to GraphQL resources

This module implements the sunspikes/php-ratelimiter in Magento 2. It checks how many GraphQL mutations and/or GraphQL queries are sent from a specific client to a Magento instance and if the number of these requests exceeds a configured maximum, a GraphQL error is generated.

This module is specifically recommended for limiting mutations, so that your Magento shop is not flooded with fake requests to create sessions, customers or other data. Usually, in a headless environment, the amount of mutations is limited.


Install this extension:

composer require yireo/magento2-graph-ql-rate-limiting
bin/magento module:enable Yireo_GraphQlRateLimiting
bin/magento setup:upgrade

Next, login to the Magento Admin Panel, navigate to Store Configuration and then Yireo > Yireo GraphQlRateLimiting > Settings and modify the settings to your needs. The default might be fine though. The settings Enabled and Limit Mutations are definitely to be enabled, otherwise this extension is kind of pointless. Whether Limit Queries is useful up to you. The settings Maximum Queries and Maximum Mutations refer to the maximum amount of queries or mutations to be made within a certain timeframe (Timeframe) before a connection is denied for the remainder of that timeframe.

Finally, navigate to Cache Management and enable the cache GraphQL Rate Limiting:

bin/magento cache:enable graphql_rate_limiting

Testing to see if this works

Open up GraphiQL or some other client and create a simple request like the following:

query {
  products(filter: {name: {match: "jacket"}}) {
    items {

Configure the following settings in this Magento module (under the Store Configuration):

  • Enabled: Yes
  • Limit Queries: Yes
  • Maximum Queries: 3

After running the same query three-times an error should popup up:

  "errors": [
      "message": "A maximum of 3 queries has been reached.",
      "extensions": {
        "category": "graphql"

Testing of the cache type

This extension adds a Cache Type GRAPHQL_RATE_LIMITING to the Magento cache frontends. To test whether the Cache Type is working, you can run the following Functional Test:

bin/magento cache:status
bin/magento cache:enable graphql_rate_limiting
vendor/bin/phpunit --bootstrap=app/bootstrap.php app/code/Yireo/GraphQlRateLimiting/Test/Functional/CacheTypeTest.php

Other functional tests

To run other functional tests, the following can be used:

bin/magento cache:enable graphql_rate_limiting
vendor/bin/phpunit --bootstrap=app/bootstrap.php app/code/Yireo/GraphQlRateLimiting/Test/Functional/

Please note that this resets your configuration. Do not do this on a live Magento site.


  • Add integation tests
  • Add MovingWindowSettings and FixedWindowSettings
  • Allow for specific endpoints to be limited