A collection of useful helpers for Yii Framework 2.0

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Yii2 Helpers

Collection of useful helpers for Yii Framework 2.0

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  • Route
    Validate current route status belonging to the given scope.

  • RouteJS
    Redirector by JS base calling in Controller

  • Navigation
    Web locator saving location and providing validation.


Install from composer command:

$ php composer.phar require yidas/yii2-helpers

Or, in yii2 composer.json, manually require yidas/yii2-helpers.

"require": {
        "yidas/yii2-helpers": "*"



Usage: (Supposing the current controller route is 'site/index')

Route::in('site');          // True for site/*
Route::is('site/index');    // True for site/index
Route::get();               // Get such as 'site/index'
Route::getByLevel(1);       // Get 'site' from 'site/index'

// Root Level usage for filtering prefix from route
Route::setRootLevel(1);     // Set the rootLevel to 1
Route::get();               // Get 'index' from 'site/index' 
Route::setRootLevel();      // Get the rootLevel back to 0
Route::get();               // Get 'site/index' from 'site/index'

Example in View:

<ul class="sidebar-menu">
  <li class="<?php if(Route::in('site')):?>active<?php endif ?> treeview">
    <a href="#">SITE MENU</a>
    <ul class="treeview-menu">
      <li class="<?php if(Route::is('site/index')):?>active<?php endif ?>"><a href="<?=Url::to(['site/index'])?>">Menu List</a></li>
      <li class="<?php if(Route::is('site/create')):?>active<?php endif ?>"><a href="<?=Url::to(['site/create'])?>">Add One</a></li>


Redirect to the route in Controller with JavaScript alert:

public function actionStore()
    // Code...
    return RouteJS::redirect(['index', 'status'=>'1'], 'Stroed success!');

GoBack to previous page in Controller with JavaScript alert:

public function actionStore()
    // Code...
    return RouteJS::goBack('Stroed failed! Return back.');