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Last update: 2022-08-06 18:29:12 UTC


LoremIpsumBundle is a way for you to generate "fake text" into your Symfony application, but with just a little bit more joy than your normal lorem ipsum.

Install the package with:

composer require yemiwebby/lorem-ipsum-bundle --dev

And... that's it! If you're not using Symfony Flex, you'll also need to enable the KnpU\LoremIpsumBundle\KnpULoremIpsumBundle in your AppKernel.php file.


This bundle provides a single service for generating fake text, which you can autowire by using the KnpUIpsum type-hint:

// src/Controller/SomeController.php

use KnpU\LoremIpsumBundle\KnpUIpsum;
// ...

class SomeController
    public function index(KnpUIpsum $knpUIpsum)
        $fakeText = $knpUIpsum->getParagraphs();

        // ...

You can also access this service directly using the id knpu_lorem_ipsum.knpu_ipsum.


A few parts of the generated text can be configured directly by creating a new config/packages/knpu_lorem_ipsum.yaml file. The default values are:

# config/packages/knpu_lorem_ipsum.yaml

    # Whether or not you believe in unicorns
    unicorns_are_real:    true

    # How much do you like sunshine?
    min_sunshine:         3

Extending the Word List

If you're feeling especially creative and excited, you can add your own words to the word generator!

To do that, create a class that implements WordProviderInterface:

namespace App\Service;

use KnpU\LoremIpsumBundle\WordProviderInterface;

class CustomWordProvider implements WordProviderInterface
    public function getWordList(): array
        return ['beach'];

And... that's it! If you're using the standard service configuration, your new class will automatically be registered as a service and used by the system. If you are not, you will need to register this class as a service and tag it with knpu_ipsum_word_provider.


Of course, open source is fueled by everyone's ability to give just a little bit of their time for the greater good. If you'd like to see a feature or add some of your own happy words, awesome! Tou can request it - but creating a pull request is an even better way to get things done.

Either way, please feel comfortable submitting issues or pull requests: all contributions and questions are warmly appreciated :).