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Search provides a search module for CakePHP applications. Added :

  • A field ( search_data default) is automatically filled with the values ​​of the fields you want to index
  • Search word is separated into words (space char) so search is base on multiples words


The master branch has the following requirements:

  • CakePHP 3.0.0 or greater.
  • PHP 5.4.16 or greater.
  • SQLite or another database driver that CakePHP can talk to. By default DebugKit will use SQLite, if you need to use a different database see the Database Configuration section below.


  • Install the plugin with composer from your CakePHP Project's ROOT directory (where composer.json file is located)
php composer.phar require ychapard/cakephp3-search "dev-master"
  • Load the plugin by adding following to your config/bootstrap.php

or running command

./bin/cake plugin load Search


  • Add a search config method in your table
use Search\Manager;


public function searchConfiguration()
    $search = new Manager($this);
    ->value('author_id', [
        'field' => $this->aliasField('author_id')
    ->like('q', [
        'before' => true,
        'after' => true,
        'field' => [$this->aliasField('title'), $this->aliasField('title')]
    return $search;
  • Add The Behavior in your initialize method
public function initialize(array $config)
        'field' => ['name','title','short_text'],
        'dest_field' => 'search_data',
        'replacement' => ' '
  • Example of index controller for a model Article
public function index()
    $query = $this->Countries
        ->find('search', $this->Articles->filterParams($this->request->query))
        ->where(['title !=' => null])
        ->order(['Article.id' => 'asc'])
    $this->set('articles', $this->paginate($query));

The search finder and the filterParams() method are dynamically provided by the Search behavior.

  • Then add the component search in the necessary methods (for our example index)
public function index()
  • Instead, you can add this in your AppController to enable component in all index methods
public function initialize()
    if ($this->request->action === 'index') {

Filtering your data

Once you have completed all the setup you can now filter your data by passing query params in your index method. Using the Article example given above, you could filter your articles using the following.


Would filter your list of articles to any article with "cakephp" in the title or content field. You might choose to make a get form which posts the filter directly to the url, or create links manually.