Package with support traits to ease unit testing.

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Last update: 2024-05-24 05:13:23 UTC


This package contains support traits to ease unit testing.

Installing via composer

You should install this package into your project using composer. To do so you can run the following command:

composer require friendsofcake/cakephp-test-utilities


At this point there are two traits:

  1. AccessibilityHelperTrait : Gain access protected properties and methods.
  2. CompareTrait : Assert methods, comparing to files for: HTML, JSON, XML


This trait gains you access to protected properties and methods. You don't need of a new class with pass-through methods. It uses reflection to achieve this.


Add the trait at the top of your test case:

use \FriendsOfCake\TestUtilities\AccessibilityHelperTrait;

Now that you have the trait you need to set which object you want to access. You can do this globally for the entire test in setUp() or in your test methods:

$object = new ObjectIAmGoingToTest();
$this->defaultReflectionTarget = $object; // (optional)

Protected properties

You can get and set the protected properties:

$data = 'FriendsOfCake';
$this->setProtectedProperty('_myProperty', $data, $object);

$expected = $data;
$actual = $this->getProtectedProperty('_myProperty', $object);
$this->assertEquals($expected, $actual);

Protected methods

You can directly call protected methods:

$parameters = [$argument1, $argument2];

$expected = $expectedReturnValue;
$actual = $this->callProtectedMethod('_myMethod', $parameters, $object);
$this->assertEquals($expected, $actual);


This trait helps with comparing test results as string


Add the trait at the top of your test case and define the _compareBasePath property so the trait knows where to look for comparison files:

use \FriendsOfCake\TestUtilities\CompareTrait;

class MyTest extends TestCase
    use CompareTrait;

    public function setUp(): void

        $this->_compareBasePath = 'comparisons/MyTest/';


Each of the methods acts similar to the core assertSameAsFile method:

public function testExample()
    $html = '<p>Some html</p>';
    $xml = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><thing>...</thing>';
    $json = ['actually' => 'this is an array'];

    $this->assertHtmlSameAsFile('some.html', $html);
    $this->assertXmlSameAsFile('some.xml', $xml);
    $this->assertJsonSameAsFile('some.json', $json);

See Cake's docs for more details on usage of assertSameAsFile on which these methods are based.