Skeleton for Yawik Applications

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composer will execute npm

nodejs is required.


This is a skeleton application for Yawik.

Installation using Composer

The easiest way to create a new Yawik installation is to use Composer. If you don't have it already installed, then please install as per the documentation.

To create your new Yawik application:

$ composer create-project -sdev yawik/standard path/to/install

composer will ask you to remove the existing VCS. You should remove it and put add the code to your own VCS.

Do you want to remove the existing VCS (.git, .svn..) history? [Y,n]? 

Once installed, you can test it out immediately using PHP's built-in web server:

$ cd path/to/install
$ composer run --timeout 0 serve

This will start the cli-server on port 8080, and bind it to all network interfaces. You can then visit the site at http://localhost:8080/

Note: The built-in CLI server is for development only. It listen on all interfaces.

Using docker-compose

This skeleton provides a docker-compose.yml for use with docker-compose; it uses the Dockerfile provided as its base. Build and start the image using:

$ docker-compose up --build

At this point, you can visit http://localhost:8080 to see the site running.