Laravel DataTables Editor plugin for Laravel 5.5+.

v1.25.1 2022-03-05 03:31 UTC


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This package is a plugin of Laravel DataTables for processing DataTables Editor library.

Special thanks to @bellwood and @DataTables for being generous for providing a license to support the development of this package.

NOTE: A premium license is required to be able to use DataTables Editor library.




  • DataTables Editor CRUD actions supported.
  • Inline editing.
  • Bulk edit & delete function.
  • CRUD validation.
  • CRUD pre / post events hooks.
  • Artisan command for DataTables Editor generation.


  • Add artisan command to generate DataTablesEditor stub.

  • Fix issue with edit action where unmodified column are being added on the request.

    This only happens when the field is password. The solution is to add an empty password on response.

    datatables(User::query())->setRowId('id')->addColumn('password', '')->toJson()
  • Add CRUD pre / post event hooks.

  • Add tests.

  • Docs, docs, docs...

  • Create demo site.

Quick Installation

composer require yajra/laravel-datatables-editor:^1.25

And that's it! Start building out some awesome DataTables Editor!


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


If you discover any security related issues, please email aqangeles@gmail.com instead of using the issue tracker.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

Built with Love ❤️

Using this package requires you a license that costs more than a coffee. If this helps you in any way, don't be shy and pour some coffee for me. ❤️

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