A mysqldump wrapper for laravel. Dump your table schemas and data into files.

v2.3.4 2023-08-09 17:49 UTC


A wrapper package to run mysqldump from laravel console commands.


Install from packagist

composer require yadakhov/laradump

Add to providers array in config/app.php

    'providers' => [
        // ...others


Create configuration file config/laradump.php.

php artisan vendor:publish

Laradump commands

Once the LaradumpServiceProvider is registered, the commands will show up when you do a php artisan.

php artisan
  laradump:drop-tables        Drop tables that do not have backup files.
  laradump:list               List all tables to perform individually.
  laradump:mysqldump          Perform a MySQL dump on every tables.
  laradump:restore            Perform a restore on every tables.
  laradump:save-to-s3         Save laradump folder to s3
  laradump:sync-from-s3       Sync laradump folder from s3

Doing a mysqldump

php artisan laradump:mysqldump

Will perform a mysqldump of each table in your database and store it in the storage/dumps folder.

Doing a mysql restore

php artisan laradump:restore

Will load all sql files in /storage/dumps.

Perform backup and restore on individual table

php artisan laradump:mysqldump  --table=user
php artisan laradump:restore  --table=user

# To see a list of possible tables
php artisan laradump:list 

Ensure the storage folder is writable.

# Create the tables for storing the files
mkdir storage/laradump/tables
mkdir storage/laradump/data

sudo chmod o+w -R storage

Add ignore the dump files in git

# add line to your .gitignore