This is a Laravel flash notify message.

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A simple package for flashing messages to views in Laravel 5+.

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First, require the package using composer like so:

composer require xutl/laravel-notify

Add the service provider and alias in the app.php file in Laravel.

'providers' => [


'aliases' => [
  	'Notify' => XuTL\Notify\Notify::class,


To use Notify, simple add use Notify at the top of your php file and then call it using the Notify facade.

Notify::info('This is an info message');
Notify::success('This is a success message');
Notify::warning('This is a warning message');
Notify::error('This is an error message');

You can also add a title to the message if you would like:

Notify::error($message, $title); // By default, the $title variable is set to null.
Notify::error('Something is broken', 'ERROR MESSAGE');