Integration eZ Publish and piwik. An alternative to eZOdoscope. Compliant with european privacy laws.

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1.3.5 2017-05-16 14:10 UTC

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Last update: 2021-11-15 20:41:30 UTC


xrowPiwik Extension
Gettings XML-String for free account from wetter.com
URL: http://piwik.org
URL DOCS: http://piwik.org/docs/

You need do perform the following steps:
- place xrowpiwik in extension folder
- activate extension
- modify ReWriteRules to work with /extension/xrowpiwik/src/piwik/
Rewriterule ^extension/xrowpiwik/src/piwik/.* - [L]
- <add input="{URL}" pattern="extension/xrowpiwik/src/piwik/" ignoreCase="false" />
- adjust DB-Connection in ezpublish_legacy/extension/xrowpiwik/settings/config.ini.append.php
- set a cron for archivepiwik
  Example for a cron:
  55 * * * * cd /[EZ_ROOT]/ezpublish_legacy && chmod -Rf 777 extension/xrowpiwik/src/piwik/tmp && php extension/xrowpiwik/src/piwik/console core:archive --url=http://[YOUR_BACKEND]/xrowpiwik/xrowpiwik/index.php > /dev/null 2>&1
- insert mysql schema+data from ezpublish_legacy/extension/xrowpiwik/doc/mysql_schema/xrowpiwik_clean.sql
- fix Piwik permissions
mkdir -p ezpublish_legacy/extension/xrowpiwik/src/piwik/tmp
mkdir -p ezpublish_legacy/extension/xrowpiwik/src/piwik/tmp/{assets,cache,tcpdf,templates_c}
mkdir -p ezpublish_legacy/extension/xrowpiwik/src/piwik/tmp/cache/tracker
chmod -R 777 ezpublish_legacy/extension/xrowpiwik/src/piwik/tmp
- update the database to newest xrowpiwik version: 
cd ezpublish_legacy
php extension/xrowpiwik/src/piwik/console core:update

add symlink to make it work with your own configuration
ln -s ../../../../../settings/override/config.ini.append.php ezpublish_legacy/extension/xrowpiwik/src/piwik/config/config.ini.php

Standard User: admin / admin
Multi-User_setup can be established by providing different SiteIDs per siteaccess in xrowpiwik.ini.append.php

Data-collection works via Ajax and design.ini FrontendJavaScriptList

!eZJscore required
!not clustersafe since config.ini.append.php is in /extension/settings/config.ini.append.php


if you want to use the clickheat plugin you should do the following:

mkdir -p ezpublish_legacy/extension/xrowpiwik/src/piwik/tmp/cache/{clickheat}
mkdir -p ezpublish_legacy/extension/xrowpiwik/src/piwik/tmp/cache/clickheat/{cache,logs}
chmod -R 777 ezpublish_legacy/extension/xrowpiwik/src/piwik/tmp/cache/clickheat

to collect the click data you must activate it by doing the following:

ln -s ../../../src/piwik/plugins/ClickHeat/libs/js/clickheat.js ezpublish_legacy/extension/xrowpiwik/design/standard/javascript/clickheat.js
put this operator at the bottom of your <body> tag in your pagelayout.tpl: {click_tracker()} (our operator works with siteaccess_names and piwik site IDs)
and enable the setting in your xrowpiwik.ini:

and extend your design.ini:

Attention: if you are using a clustered System, please make sure your clickheat logs are stored at a central position where all nodes can read it.


cd ezpublish_legacy
mkdir /NFS/SITE/clickheat
chmod 777 /NFS/SITE/clickheat
ln -s /NFS/SITE/clickheat extension/xrowpiwik/src/piwik/tmp/cache/clickheat