OData REST Interface for eZ Publish

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Active the extension. 


The service will be available over the common REST API of eZ Publish (https://www.exmaple.com/api/odata/v1/ezpublish.svc/)

Protocol Implementations

The OData Protocol is implemented as specified in http://www.odata.org/media/30002/OData.html. 

The functoinality is depending on the features set of the OData Producer fpr PHP Project.

Concrete Examples:

/folder(NodeID=2)?$skip=10&$orderby=content_published asc
/folder(NodeID=2)?$skip=10&$orderby=content_published desc
/frontpage(NodeID=148720)/RefSetnews?$top=10&$skip=0&$orderby=content_published desc
/frontpage(NodeID=148720)/RefSetnews?$top=10&$skip=10&$orderby=content_published desc
/frontpage(NodeID=148720)/RefSetnews?$top=10&$skip=20&$orderby=content_published desc

Possible "order by" Paramenter
 - content_published
 - content_modified
 - content_state
 - section
 - priority
 - path
 - owner
 - name
 - class_name
 - class_identifier
 - depth

Abstact Example:
/[ContentClass](NodeID=[ID of Node])?$skip=[number]&$top=[number max 100]&$orderby=[number max 100 desc|asc]
How to view your data:

Use http://metasapiens.com/sesame/data-browser/preview/

or use a client SDK to access the data. 

You find an php example in extension/xrowodata/bin/test.php