PHP library to query Minecraft servers

4.0.1 2021-06-18 13:18 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-27 20:19:57 UTC


This library can be used to query Minecraft servers for some basic information.

⚠️ Please do not create issues when you are unable to retrieve information from a server, unless you can prove that there is a bug within the library.

Differences between Ping and Query

There are two methods of retrieving information about a Minecraft server.


Ping protocol was added in Minecraft 1.7 and is used to query the server for minimal amount of information (hostname, motd, icon, and a sample of players). This is easier to use and doesn't require extra setup on server side. It uses TCP protocol on the same port as you would connect to your server.

MinecraftPing class contains a method QueryOldPre17 which can be used to query servers on version 1.6 or older.


This method uses GameSpy4 protocol, and requires enabling query listener in your server.properties like this:


Query allows to request a full list of servers' plugins and players, however this method is more prone to breaking, so if you don't need all this information, stick to the ping method as it's more reliable.


It is possible to send console commands to a Minecraft server remotely using the Source RCON protocol. Use PHP Source Query library for your RCON needs.

SRV DNS record

This library automatically tries to resolve SRV records. If you do not wish to do so, pass false as the fourth param in the constructor (after timeout param).


	require __DIR__ . '/src/MinecraftPing.php';
	require __DIR__ . '/src/MinecraftPingException.php';
	use xPaw\MinecraftPing;
	use xPaw\MinecraftPingException;
		$Query = new MinecraftPing( 'localhost', 25565 );
		print_r( $Query->Query() );
	catch( MinecraftPingException $e )
		echo $e->getMessage();
		if( $Query )

If you want to get ping info from a server that uses a version older than Minecraft 1.7, then use function QueryOldPre17 instead of Query.

If the server has query enabled (enable-query), then you can use MinecraftQuery to more retrieve information about a server.

	require __DIR__ . '/src/MinecraftQuery.php';
	require __DIR__ . '/src/MinecraftQueryException.php';
	use xPaw\MinecraftQuery;
	use xPaw\MinecraftQueryException;
	$Query = new MinecraftQuery( );
		$Query->Connect( 'localhost', 25565 );
		print_r( $Query->GetInfo( ) );
		print_r( $Query->GetPlayers( ) );
	catch( MinecraftQueryException $e )
		echo $e->getMessage( );

For Bedrock servers (MCPE) use ConnectBedrock function instead of Connect, then GetInfo will work.