This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the innoweb/silverstripe-international-phone-number-field package instead.

Adds a phone filed using Google's libphonenumber.

3.0.4 2019-11-20 05:32 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2019-11-20 05:32:53 UTC


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Adds a form field for international phone numbers using [Google's libphonenumber] ( and the [jQuery intl-tel-input plugin] (



Install the module using composer:

composer require innoweb/silverstripe-international-phone-number-field dev-master

Then run dev/build.


In your project config you can configure the following options for the InternationalPhoneNumberField class:

  • geolocation_service: Uses IP location to determine the current users's country code. This can be either 'ipstack' or 'ipinfo'. Defaults to false.
  • geolocation_api_key: API key for [] ( or [] (
  • geolocation_protocol: Protocol to be used to connecto to geolocation service. Defaults to 'https'.
  • initial_country: country code for initially shown country in the phone number field. deafults to 'auto', in which case the location is determined using geolocation if that's set up.
  • only_countries: array of country codes available for selection. Defaults to all countries.
  • preferred_countries: array of country codes pushed to the top of the dropdown list. Deafults to none, all countries are listed alphabetically.
  • excluded_countries: array of country codes to be excluded from the dropdown lost. Deafults to none.


BSD 3-Clause License, see License