Vtiger Web Services PHP Client Library

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A PHP client for vTiger's Web Services APIs. Works well vTiger forks such as VTE CRM.

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Installing via Composer

The recommended way to install vtwsclib-php is through Composer.

composer require "salaros/vtwsclib-php:*"

..or edit your composer.json file manually by appending salaros/vtwsclib-php:

"require": {
    "salaros/vtwsclib-php": "*"

How to use

Here are some examples of how to use vtwsclib-php:

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Salaros\Vtiger\VTWSCLib\WSClient;

$client = new WSClient('https://vtiger.mycompany.com/', 'admin', '<accessKey>');

Here you can find more detailed examples on how to use vtwsclib-php.

Official documentation

The official documentation can be found here.


This is a development reposiroty for vtwsclib-php and should not be used for support. Please visit StackOverflow's vtwsclib-php topic for any support request or click here to ask a vtwsclib-php-related question.


Anyone is welcome to contribute to the development of this plugin. There are various ways to do so:

  1. Found a bug? Raise an issue on GitHub.
  2. Send me a Pull Request with your bug fixes and/or new features.
  3. Provide feedback and suggestions on enhancements.

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