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Zend Framework 2 module for the learning context client

v1.0.1 2016-06-21 14:30 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-10-19 18:53:53 UTC


This is a small Zend Framework 2 module for xelax90/learning-context-client


  • Install this module with composer
composer require xelax90/learning-context-client-module
  • Add LearningContextClientModule to your modules array in config/application.config.php
 $config = array(
   'modules' => array(
     // ...
     // ...
   // ...
  • Copy the provided local configuration under vendor/xelax90/learning-context-client-module/learning-context.local.php.dist into your config/autoload folder and copy it again without the .dist extension.
  • Enter your app id and secret into the conig/autoload/learning-context.local.php file.
  • Enter the callback_url. The callback URL is the URL corresponding to the learning-context/callback route.
  • Enter the redirect_after_authentication. It can be either a full URL or route name. This is the place where the authentication controller will redirect to after successful or unsuccessful authentication.


You can use the learning-context/authenticate route for authentication. Access /learning-context/authenticate in the browser and the authentication process starts.

You can access the client via ServiceLocator using its class name:

use LearningContextClient\Client;
$client = $container->get(Client::class);

To check wether the user is authenticated, check if the client has a refresh token:

$authenticated = $client->getRefreshToken() !== null;
  // authenticated
} else {
  // not authenticated

For documentation about the client and the Learning Context API consult the respective documentations:


The LearningContextClientModule\Controller\LearningContextController class triggers authentication events when the callback URL is accessed. It triggers learning-context.authorized if a refresh token was provided and learning-context.unauthorized if not.