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Simple Learning Context API Client

v0.1 2016-01-23 01:24 UTC

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Last update: 2021-10-19 18:48:36 UTC


This is a PHP implementation for the Learning Context API

Token Storage

To use this API, you have to implement a token storage which implements the LearningContextClient\Storage\StorageInterface. Storage clases using the $_SESSION array and Zend Session are already provided in LearningContextClient\Storage\SessionArrayStorage and LearningContextClient\Storage\ZendSessionStorage respectively.


To run the Client, you have to create a LearningContextClient\Config object. It recieves your appId and appSecret, a callback URL which will be called after OAuth authorization and handles the refresh token and an instance of LearningContextClient\Storage\StorageInterface. It suffices to do any request to the API or to call the LearningContextClient:::getTokenManager function.


Create an instance of LearningContextClient\Client and provide it with your configuration to use the API.

$storage = new \LearningContextClient\Storage\SessionArrayStorage();
$config = new \LearningContextClient\Config($APP_ID, $APP_SECRET, $CALLBACK_URL, $storage);
$lc = new \LearningContextClient\Client($config);

Obtain token

To obtain a token, you simple have to call any API interface or you call the LearningContextClient::getTokenManager function.