A OTP authenticator for use with silverstripe/mfa

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1.0.3 2022-04-13 14:25 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-13 18:39:11 UTC


Log in to SilverStripe with an One Time Password

You can configure a provider to send trough SMS or use Email.

This module provides a authenticator that plugs in to the silverstripe/mfa module.

The default providers that ship with this module:


  • PHP ^7.4
  • SilverStripe ^4.1
  • silverstripe/mfa: ^4.0
  • twilio/sdk: "^6.35"
  • giggsey/libphonenumber-for-php: "^8.12"


Install with Composer:

composer require xddesigners/otp-authenticator

The email provider is configured by default and requires no further setup.

If you want to change providers, to SMSTools for example, you can add the following to your .yml config:

    class: XD\OTPAuthenticator\Providers\SMSToolsProvider
    # The other providers:
    # class: XD\OTPAuthenticator\Providers\EmailProvider
    # class: XD\OTPAuthenticator\Providers\TwilioProvider

For Twillio and SMSTools you'll need to define authentication tokens in your environment:

# Twilio API credentials
# (find here https://www.twilio.com/console)

# SMS Tools credentials

pass exisiting send to address

This can be an existing phone number, or if you use the email provider an existing email address. On your member add the method otpSendTo that returns an OTPSendTo object. The additional data can be used by the configured provider for validation and is also stored on the RegisteredMethod. The SMS providers use an extra region property to validate the phone number for example.

public function otpSendTo()
    return new OTPSendTo($member->Email, ['additional' => 'data']);

create a custom send provider

If you want to make use of a different service to pass the code you can create a custom provider. You'll need to extend the abstract SendProvider class and implement the required methods.

class MySendProvider extends XD\OTPAuthenticator\Providers\SendProvider
     * Send the code
    public function send($code, $to): bool

     * Validate the send to address
    public function validate($to, $data): bool
     * Add a regex to validate the input on the frond end
    public function getFieldValidate(): string

     * method to check if the provider is properly set up
    public function enabled(): bool

     * Obfuscate the sent to address.
     * So a user has a way to verify the sent address is correct 
     * but in a way an unallowed user couldn't make out the complete address
    public function obfuscateTo($to): string
     * Register the field type to switch to.
     * Accepts phone, email, or text
    public function getFieldType(): string

     * Register the field label
    public function getFieldLabel(): string