Laravel Localization in JavaScript

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Laravel Localization in JavaScript.

This is a simple package that convert all your localization messages of your Laravel app to JavaScript, and provides a small JavaScript library to interact with those messages.

For larvel 4.* use https://github.com/rmariuzzo/Laravel-JS-Localization

Support Laravel 5.0.


Add the following line to you composer.json file under require.

"xaoc/laravel-js-localization": "dev-master"


composer update

In your Laravel app go to config/app.php and add the following service provider:

'providers' => array(

That's it!


This project comes with a command that generate the JavaScript version of all your messages found at: app/lang directory. The resulting JavaScript file will have the whole bunch of messages and a thin library similar to Laravel's Lang class.

Generating JS messages

php artisan lang:js

Specifying a custom target

php artisan lang:js public/assets/dist/lang.dist.js

Compressing the JS file

php artisan lang:js -c


This is the documentation regarding the thin JavaScript library. The library highly inspired on Laravel's Lang class.

Getting a message


Getting a message with replacements

Lang.get('messages.welcome', { name: 'Joe' });

Changing the locale


Checking if a message key exists


Support for singular and plural message based on a count

Lang.choice('messages.apples', 10);

Calling the choice method with replacements

Lang.choice('messages.apples', 10, { name: 'Joe' });    

For more detailed information, take a look at the source: Lang.js.