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This package has been generated from the Colissimo Postage Web Services WSDL using the PackageGenerator project.


Generating again the package

You can generate again the package's sources using the script:

$ git clone package-colissimo-postage
$ cd package-colissimo-postage
$ ./

Then run (to get PHPStan):

$ composer update

To learn how to customize the generated package, please read the PackageGenerator's README.

How to use the generated package?

Install the project

$ git clone package-colissimo-postage
$ cd package-colissimo-postage
$ composer update

Learn from the tutorial

Start looking into the auto-generated tutorial.php file. This file contains the starting code to use this package. In addition it contains all the operations provided by the Exchange Web Services and the way to call them.

Start from the samples

Sample scripts are available under the samples folder:

Need support or having a question?

We can help you understand how to use it and how to customize it. Feel free to contact us at