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WP Bones is a framework for WordPress written with composer. You can use WPKirk repo as a boilerplate to create a plugin.

As you know, WordPress doesn't support composer. So, I have used a little trick to fix this issue.


You'll find the complete docs here.


  • We recommend servers running version 7.2 or greater of PHP


$ curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | sudo php -- --install-dir=/usr/local/bin --filename=composer


$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nodejs && sudo apt-get install npm
$ sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy


$ sudo npm install --global gulp


You may start from WPKirk repo as a boilerplate to create a WP Bones WordPress plugin.

I love Laravel

First to all, this framework and the boilerplate plugin are inspired to Laravel framework. Also, you will find a bones php shell executable like Laravel artisan. After cloning the repo, you can:

Display help

$ php bones

Change namespace

$ php bones install

The last command is very important. You can change either the plugin name or the namespace in anytime. However, I suggest you to make this only the first time, when the plugin is inactive. After changing of the namespace, you can start to develop you plugin. Your namespace will be MyPluginName.

You will find further detail in the Official WP Bones Documentation