Geo provider for WP Bones

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Geo Localizer provides a set of utilies to manage the geolocalization for WordPress/WP Bones

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You can install third party packages by using:

$ php bones require wpbones/geolocalizer

I advise to use this command instead of composer require because doing this an automatic renaming will done.

You can use composer to install this package:

$ composer require wpbones/geolocalizer

You may also to add "wpbones/geolocalizer": "~0.5" in the composer.json file of your plugin:

  "require": {
    "php": ">=5.5.9",
    "wpbones/wpbones": "~0.8",
    "wpbones/geolocalizer": "~0.5"

and run

$ composer install


In the database/migrations you'll find the default migration database table used for the countries. Also. in the database/seeds you'll find the data for countries database table.

Anyway, you just copy these folders in your plugin database/ folder.


Geolocalizer provides a shortcode method. You can define you own shortocde in the your shortcode provider class:

use WPMyPlugin\WPBones\Foundation\WordPressShortcodesServiceProvider as ServiceProvider;
use WPMyPlugin\GeoLocalizer\GeoLocalizerProvider;

class WPMyPluginShortcode extends ServiceProvider

   * List of registred shortcodes. {shortcode}/method
   * @var array
  protected $shortcodes = [
    'my_shortocde_geo' => 'my_shortocde_geo',

  public function my_shortocde_geo( $atts = [], $content = null )
    return GeoLocalizerProvider::shortcode( $atts, $content );

The you can use:

[my_shortocde_geo city="Rome"]
  Only for Rome

[my_shortocde_geo city="rome"]
  Only for Rome

[my_shortocde_geo city="rome,london"]
  Only for Rome and Landon

[my_shortocde_geo region_name="lazio"]
  Only for region (Italy) Lazio

[my_shortocde_geo country_code="IT"]
  Italian only

[my_shortocde_geo country_name="italy"]
  Italian only

[my_shortocde_geo zip_code="00137"]

[my_shortocde_geo ip=""]
  Only for me

[my_shortocde_geo time_zone="europe\rome"]
  Rome/Berlin time zone