WordPress actions and filters in Javascript

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A Javascript version of the actions and filters used in PHP in WordPress for WP Bones.

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You can install third party packages by using:

$ php bones require wpbones/actions-and-filters-js

I advise to use this command instead of composer require because doing this an automatic renaming will done.

You can use composer to install this package:

$ composer require wpbones/actions-and-filters-js

You may also to add "wpbones/actions-and-filters-js": "^1.0" in the composer.json file of your plugin:

  "require": {
    "php": ">=5.5.9",
    "wpbones/wpbones": "~0.8",
    "wpbones/actions-and-filters-js": "~1.0"

and run

$ composer install

Alternatively, you can get the single files src/resources/assets/js/actions-and-filters.js in your WP Bones plugin and compile it with gulp. Also, you can get pre-compiled minified version src/public/js/actions-and-filters.min.js.

Enqueue for Controller

You can use the provider to enqueue the styles.

public function index()
  // enqueue the minified version
  // ...


This is a static class autoloaded by composer. You can use it to enqueue or get the styles path:

// enqueue the minified version

// enqueue the flat version
ActionsAndFiltersJSProvider::enqueueScripts( false );
// return the absolute path of the minified css

// return the absolute path of the flat css


Let's an example:

wpbones_add_action( 'my-action', function() { alert( "Hello" ) } );


wpbones_do_action( 'my-action' );

This Javascript version works in the same way than PHP version in WordPress.