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This is a wp-kit component that handles config files.

wp-kit/config is fully compatible with Themosis.

If you are using Themosis you'll notice it already has a ConfigFactory however this lacks ArrayAccess and only binds to $app['config.factory`] and not $app['config`] which means it is not compatible with most Illuminate components. wp-kit/config solves these issues so you can benefit from using Illuminate components when using Themosis.


If you're using Themosis, install via Composer in the Themosis route folder, otherwise install in your Composer driven theme folder:

composer require "wp-kit/config"


Add Service Provider

Just register the service provider and facade in the providers config and theme config:

//inside theme/resources/config/providers.config.php

return [


Simply add config files as theme/resources/config/*.config.php and reference the below snippet to access config data in ArrayAccess fashion:


Get Involved

To learn more about how to use wp-kit check out the docs:

View the Docs

Any help is appreciated. The project is open-source and we encourage you to participate. You can contribute to the project in multiple ways by:

  • Reporting a bug issue
  • Suggesting features
  • Sending a pull request with code fix or feature
  • Following the project on GitHub
  • Sharing the project around your community

For details about contributing to the framework, please check the contribution guide.


Wordpress 4+

PHP 5.6+


wp-kit/config is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT License.