Example feature plugin package for WooCommerce.

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v1.0.0 2019-06-25 13:21 UTC

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Last update: 2024-03-26 00:38:19 UTC


This is an example feature plugin package for WooCommerce. It is setup so that it can be installed standalone as a WordPress plugin, or included into another project/WooCommerce core as a Composer Package.

Installing Composer

You need Composer to use the packages. If you don't have it installed, go and check how to install Composer and then continue here.

Installing packages

Once you have defined your package requirements, run

composer install

and that will install the required Composer packages.

The example package has some package requirements defined:

  • "automattic/jetpack-autoloader" - Handles autoloading and prevents version conflicts between packages.
  • "composer/installers" - Allows the plugin to be installed via composer and moved to the correct install directory.
  • "phpunit/phpunit" - Runs unit tests.
  • "woocommerce/woocommerce-sniffs" - Checks for coding standards violations.

Main directories and files

  • woocommerce-example-package.php - The main plugin file. ONLY used when using this package as a plugin!
  • src/ - PSR-4 named classes under your namespace are placed here. Classes will be autoloaded.
  • src/Package.php - The package class requires 3 static methods;
    • init - Init your package. If it needs to hook into WordPress, do so here.
    • get_version - Return the version of your package here. This will be used by WooCommerce in the system status report.
    • get_path - Return the package main directory. This will be used by WooCommerce in the system status report.
  • tests/ - Unit tests ran using phpunit.

Adding and running unit tests

Tests should be added in the tests/Tests directory.

You can run the tests by running the command


from the plugin directory.