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Windwalker Filter package is a simple tool help us clean the input and output string.

Installation via Composer

Add this to the require block in your composer.json.

    "require": {
        "windwalker/filter": "~3.0"

Input Filter

Create a filter object and use clean() to filter input string.

use Windwalker\Filter\InputFilter;

$filter = new InputFilter;

$username = $_REQUEST['username'];

$username = $filter->clean($username, InputFilter::STRING);

Available filter rules:

Name Description
InputFilter::INTEGER Only use the first integer value
InputFilter::UINT Unsigned integer, Only use the first integer value
InputFilter::FLOAT Float number, Only use the first integer value
InputFilter::BOOLEAN Return true or false
InputFilter::WORD Only allow characters a-z, and underscores
InputFilter::ALNUM All numbers and letters (alphanumerics)
InputFilter::CMD Allow a-z, 0-9, underscore, dot, dash. Also remove leading dots from result.
InputFilter::BASE64 Allow a-z, 0-9, slash, plus, equals.
InputFilter::STRING Converts the input to a plain text string; strips all tags / attributes.
InputFilter::HTML HTML format, but will clean tags in black list
InputFilter::ARRAY_TYPE Attempts to convert the value to an array.
InputFilter::PATH Converts the input into a string and validates it as a path. (e.g. path/to/file.png or path/to/dir)
InputFilter::USERNAME Strips all invalid username characters.
InputFilter::EMAIL Strips all invalid email characters.
InputFilter::URL Strips all invalid url characters.
InputFilter::RAW No filter

Custom Rules

Using closure as filter rule.

$closure = function($value)
    return str_replace('Tony Stark', 'Iron Man', $value);

$filter->setHandler('armor', $closure);

$string = $filter->clean("Hi I'm Tony Stark~~~", 'armor');

// $string will be "Hi I'm Iron Man"

Using Cleaner object

use Windwalker\Filter\Cleaner\CleanerInterface;

class ArmorCleaner implements CleanerInterface
    public function clean($source)
        return str_replace('Tony Stark', 'Iron Man', $value);

$filter->setHandler('armor', new ArmorCleaner);

$string = $filter->clean("Hi I'm Tony Stark~~~", 'armor');

// $string will be "Hi I'm Iron Man"

Output Filter

OutputFilter provides some methods help us strip or escape unsafe code to prevent XSS attack.

use Windwalker\Filter\OutputFilter;

// Makes an object safe to display in forms
$object = (object) array('flower' => '<sakura>');

OutputFilter::objectHTMLSafe($object); // &lt;sakura&gt;

// This method processes a string and replaces all instances of & with &amp; in links only.

// This method processes a string and replaces all accented UTF-8 characters by unaccented
// ASCII-7 "equivalents", whitespaces are replaced by hyphens and the string is lowercase.

// This method implements unicode slugs instead of transliteration.

// Replaces &amp; with & for XHTML compliance

// Cleans text of all formatting and scripting code

// Strip img-tags from string

// Strip iframe-tags from string

// Strip script-tags from string

// Strip style-tags from string