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1.1.0 2021-05-27 23:25 UTC

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Last update: 2023-03-23 01:57:15 UTC


A collection of Silverstripe BuildTask classes and standard helpers for managing a migration workflow (i.e version 3 to 4 upgrades).


composer require wilr/silverstripe-tasker



use Wilr\SilverStripe\Tasker\Traits\TaskHelpers;
use Wilr\SilverStripe\Tasker\Traits\TaskerFormatter;
use SilverStripe\Dev\BuildTask;

class MyAppUpgradeTask extends BuildTask
    use TaskerFormatter;
    use TaskHelpers;

    public function run()
        $this->echoHeading('My Heading');
        // any other tasks as below.
        if ($wrong) {
            $this->echoWarning('Shows a warning message');
        } else {
            $this->echoSuccess('Outputs a tick');

        while (true) {
            // displays progress dots

API Documentation


  • migrateTableToExistingTable ($tableName, $newClass, $mapping = [], $callback = null, $insert = true)
  • archivePage($pageID)
  • runInsertOrUpdate($table, $id, $fields)
  • migrateDataColumnTo($columnFrom, $tableFrom, $columnTo, $tableTo)
  • setInvalidEnumValuesTo ($table, $column, $defaultValue)
  • correctPageClass ($id, $newClassName)
  • renameColumn ($table, $oldColumn, $newColumn, $force = false)
  • removePagesOnLiveNotOnDraft()


  • hasTable ($tableName)
  • query ($query)
  • tableHasCol ($table, $col)
  • echoWarning ($message)
  • echoSuccess ($message)
  • echoMessage ($message)
  • echoLine ()
  • echoProgress ()

SilverStripe Platform / CWP Deployment Tasks

tasker can be be used to 'hook' updates and other classes when dev/build is run. To do this, create a migration.yml file in your project and include the following:

  migration_on_build: true
  latest_schema_version: 2
  migration_class: 'MyAppUpgradeTask'

Schema version is stored on SiteConfig, if a project has a Schema version less than the value provided here, tasker will run the provided migration_class.

If you have a series of BuildTask jobs to execute (such as a Solr_Reindex) then provide the class names under the key tasker_jobs.

    - 'SilverStripe\FullTextSearch\Solr\Tasks\Solr_Configure'
    - 'SilverStripe\FullTextSearch\Solr\Tasks\Solr_Reindex'