Creation, parsing, and conversion of timestamps

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Convertible Timestamp for PHP

This library provides a convenient wrapper around DateTime to create, parse, and format timestamps.

Additional documentation about the library can be found on

Supported formats

On input, the following formats are recognized:

  • A subset of ISO 8601 basic and extended formats:
    • Years before 0000 or after 9999 are not supported.
    • Week and ordinal dates are not supported.
    • Accuracy to seconds is required. Fractions of a second are supported to microsecond resolution.
    • If the timezone is omitted, UTC is assumed.
    • As an extension, the 'T' may be replaced with a single space.
  • As a signed integer (up to 13 digits) representing seconds since the Unix epoch.
    • Optionally with decimal seconds to microsecond resolution, using '.' as the decimal separator.
  • RFC 2822 format, including obsolete syntax.
    • CFWS tokens are not fully supported, use only FWS.
    • Note, per the RFC, all military timezones are considered as -0000.
    • As an extension, the timezone may be omitted entirely in which case UTC is assumed.
    • As an extension, anything after the first semicolon in the string is ignored.
  • RFC 850 format.
  • asctime format.
  • The TS_MW, TS_DB, TS_POSTGRES, TS_ORACLE, and TS_EXIF formats described below.

For output, the following conversions are predefined:

  • TS_DB: MySQL datetime format: "2012-07-31 19:01:08"
  • TS_EXIF: Exif 2.2 format: "2012:07:31 19:01:08"
  • TS_ISO_8601: ISO 8601 expanded format: "2012-07-31T19:01:08Z"
  • TS_ISO_8601_BASIC: ISO 8601 basic format: "20120731T190108Z"
  • TS_MW: A 14-digit string: "20120731190108"
  • TS_ORACLE: A default Oracle timestamp format: "31-07-2012 19:01:08.000000"
  • TS_POSTGRES: PostgreSQL default timestamptz format: "2012-07-31 19:01:08+00"
  • TS_RFC2822: RFC 2822 format using an obsolete timezone: "Tue, 31 Jul 2012 19:01:08 GMT"
  • TS_UNIX: Seconds since the Unix epoch (1970-01-01T00:00:00Z): "1343761268".
  • TS_UNIX_MICRO: Seconds since the Unix epoch with microseconds: "1343761268.000000".


$ts = new ConvertibleTimestamp( '2012-07-31T19:01:08Z' );
$formatted = $ts->getTimestamp( TS_UNIX );

// Shorthand
$formatted = ConvertibleTimestamp::convert(
    TS_UNIX, '2012-07-31T19:01:08Z'

// Format using PHP date formatting codes
$formatted = $ts->format( 'Y-m-d H:i:s O' );

Running tests

composer install --prefer-dist
composer test