Class for asserting that a callback happens when a dummy object leaves scope

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The ScopedCallback class allows for running a function after the instance goes out of scope. It can be useful for making sure teardown or cleanup functions run even if exceptions are thrown. It also makes for a cleaner API for developers, by not requiring the callback to be called manually each time.

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use Wikimedia\ScopedCallback;
$sc = new ScopedCallback( [ $this, 'teardown' ] );
// Even if this throws an exception, the callback will run
// or it'll run at the end of the function
// If you want to manually call the callback
ScopedCallback::consume( $sc );
// or
unset( $sc );
// If you want to prevent it from being called
ScopedCallback::cancel( $sc );

Running tests

composer install --prefer-dist
composer test