A powerful form builder

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A Laravelish way to create and format forms

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For Laravel 4, use the master branch

Former outputs form elements in HTML compatible with your favorite CSS framework (Bootstrap and Foundation are currently supported). Former also handles repopulation after validation errors, including automatically rendering error text with affected fields.


Former provides a fluent method of form creation, allowing you to do:

  ->rules(['name' => 'required'])

  Former::xlarge_text('name') # Bootstrap sizing
    ->class('myclass') # arbitrary attribute support
    ->required(); # HTML5 validation


    ->large_primary_submit('Submit') # Combine Bootstrap directives like "lg and btn-primary"


Every time you call a method that doesn't actually exist, Former assumes you're trying to set an attribute and creates it magically. That's why you can do in the above example ->rows(10) ; in case you want to set attributes that contain dashes, just replace them by underscores : ->data_foo('bar') equals data-foo="bar". Now of course in case you want to set an attribute that actually contains an underscore you can always use the fallback method setAttribute('data_foo', 'bar'). You're welcome.

This is the core of it, but Former offers a lot more. I invite you to consult the wiki to see the extent of what Former does.


Require Former package using Composer:

composer require anahkiasen/former   # For Laravel 4, use anahkiasen/former:~3.5

Then run "composer update". Next modify your config/app.php. In the providers array add :


Add then alias Former's main class by adding its facade to the aliases array in the same file :

'Former' => 'Former\Facades\Former',

If you don't use Laravel, you can add Former to your Composer file, then use it with:

use Former\Facades\Former;

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