This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the elimuswift/sms package instead.

Sematime API Gateway

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This is a php package that you can easily intergarate into your project to send SMS Messages using the awesome Sematime API, to start using this package require it in your project using composer a php Dependency management tool. if you dont have composer installed head over to Composer and install

To include this package in your project add this to your composer.json and then run composer update

        "require": {
            "weezqydy/sematimeapi": "~1.0"


The Sematime API makes it possible for you to send branded and personalized SMS messages from your php application. In addition, the API also exposes contacts management functions that let you can store, edit or delete contacts on behalf of your users.

Before you get started with the API, we will need you to do the following:

Creating a free Sematime account

A Sematime account is needed before you can start using our API. If you do not have a Sematime account already, go to Sematime and get yourself an account.

Getting your API credentials

  • To interact with sematime API, you will need to have an API key and the user ID of your Sematime account. We use these credentials to authenticate your requests.
  • Login to your Sematime account and then click on the ‘My Account’ drop-down menu on your top right corner, choose ‘API Integration’ and then click on the ‘Generate Key’. You will be assigned a 32 character long API Key plus the accompanying user ID.

Getting Started

  • Now at the root of yor project create a new file and name it .env
  • In the file you just created add your API key and User Id as follows
API_KEY = "your-sematime-api-key"
USER_ID = "user-id-from-sematime"


Sending Messages

With everything configured properly, we are now ready to send our first message using sematime

// Include the composer autoloader if its not included yet
require __DIR__.'/vendor/autoload.php';
        use Sematime\Api\Sematime;
        // An Array of recipients
        $recipients = ['1234567890','0987654321','6789054321'];
        // Initialize The Sematime Api
        $gateway = new Sematime();
        //Create Your Message
        $message='A nice message send using Sematime';      
        $results = $gateway->AddTo($recipients)->message($message)->send();
        // if evrything goes well you will get a response from Sematime
        echo $results;

You can optionally add other parameterss while building your message

  • salutation() – an optional parameter whose value is the salutation type to use. When provided, each recipient will receive a personalized message beginning with the salutation followed by their name. For example: Dear Admin, Dear Lucy, Dear Jean etc in which case the salutation is the word ‘Dear
     //you can chain the parameters in any order
    $sema->message('message to send')->addTo(['1234567890'])->salutation('Dear')->send();
  • signature() - an optional parameter whose value is a unique message that is attached at the end of all the messages that you send. For example, Sent by The Sematime team. Call 0706129100 .

  • scheduledTime() – an optional parameter whose value is the date and time in milliseconds when you want the message to be sent out on a future date.

  • senderId() – an optional parameter whose value is the sender ID / brand that will be used to send your message. If not specified, your Sematime account’s sender Id will be used instead.

  • callbackUrl() – an optional parameter whose value is the URL that we will call in order to pass the delivery report after sending a scheduled message. All callbacks are invoked via HTTP POST.

  • extra() – an optional parameter containing additional parameters that you may need to pass on to our API for later processing by your system. For example, account numbers, user Ids, etc. We don’t process these parameters and will pass them to you when invoking your callback.

  // all these methods are chainable
    $sema->signature('Sent by The Sematime team. Call 0706129100')
         ->senderId('Sematime') // Use this option only if you have an existing  ID
         ->scheduledTime('1466683660000') // Must be a future timestamp
         ->callbackUrl('https://api.mydomain.com/callback') // must be an existing and Valid URL
         ->extra('extra=extra data') // Only accepts strings 
         ->addTo(array('1234567890')) // addTo expects an array of recipients
         ->message('an awesome message')
         ->send(); // send the message

Geting Scheduled Messages

To retreive Scheduled messages

    $sema = new Sematime\Api\Sematime();
    $scheduled= $sema->getAllScheduled(); // returns the first 20 scheduled messages

    /* retrieve more scheduled messages or retrieve from a certain point.*/
    $startFrom = 15;
    // retrieves 40 messages starting form the 15th
     $scheduled= $sema->getAllScheduled($fetch, $startFrom);
     print $scheduled;


Sematime organizes contacts into groups. A group will usually contain the contacts of people who share some relationship. For example, group ‘Sales Team’ would be a group for the members of the company’s sales team.

Adding Contacts

We can also add contacts to your sematime account, just prepare your contact and then save it

   require __DIR__.'/vendor/autoload.php';
       use Sematime\Api\Sematime;      
       // Initialize The Sematime Api
       $sema = new Sematime();
       $response=$sema->groupName('My Group') // the group name you wish to add contacts
                      ->addId('1') // contact id for the contact you want to add
                      ->addName('John Doe') // a name for your contact 
                      ->addPhone('1234567890') // phone number you wish to add
                      ->save(); // finally save your contact
         print  $response; // {"statusCode":200, "description":"Contacts added successfully.","totalContacts":1, "contactsAdded":1}

Retreiving Contacts

  • Getting contacts from a group - Provide the group name for the contacts you want to retreive
    use Sematime/Api/Sematime;

    $sema= new Sematime();
    $group = 'My Group'; // The group you want to get contacts;
    $contacts= $sema->getGroupContacts($group); // you will get a json formated string of your contacts
  • Getting an Individual contact from a group - Pass in the contactId as the first parameter followed by the groupName
    use Sematime/Api/Sematime;

    $sema= new Sematime();
    $group = 'My Group'; // The group you want to get contacts;
    $contactId= '14578652';
    $contacts= $sema->getContacts($contactId, $group); // you will get a json formated string of the contact

Editing Contacts

To edit your contact all you need to do is provide your new name or new phone number for that contact

    use Semamatime/Api/Sematime;

    $sema= new Sematime();

    $contactId = '145367'; // provide the contact id to edit this required
    $groupName = 'My Group'; // The group in which the contact exists this is required
    $newName = 'David Clerk'; // New name for contact optional
    $newPhoneNumber = '1234567890';  // New phone Number to the contact, optional

    $response= $sema->editContact($constactId, $group, $newName, $newPhoneNumber);
     echo $response; // Contact updated successfully.

#### Deleting Contacts
Deleting a contact only requires you to provide the group and ID of the contact you wish to delete

 use Semamatime/Api/Sematime;

    $sema= new Sematime();

    $contactId = '145367'; // provide the contact id to edit this required
    $groupName = 'My Group'; // The group in which the contact exists this is required

    $response = $sema->deleteContact($contactId, $group);
    echo $response; // Contact Deleted successfully
#### Account details
To retrieve your account details 
use Semamatime/Api/Sematime;

    $sema= new Sematime();

    $response = $sema->accountDetails();

    echo $response //{"account":{"accountId":"xxxxxxxxxxxxx", "name":"Your Name", "phoneNumber":"123456789", "smsBalance":0, "accountType":"school", "senderId":"Sematime", "paymentPlan":"prepaid", "createdOn":"Wed, 09\/09\/2015 04:59 PM"}, "statusCode":200, "description":"Account profile retrieved successfully."}