AstroFields development stack

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The basic development box for the AstroFields libraries and plugins.


Composer, Vagrant & Puppet

How to

Bring the VirtualMachine/Box up

vagrant up

Change your box configuration on PuPHPet. Provision after changing your config.

vagrant provision

Add WP-CLI autocomplete

composer wp-cli-bash

Add a wp-config.php - follow the setup steps in the CLI

composer wp-config

Add an .env file by copying and renaming the .env.example file to .env. Change all your WordPress config settings only there.


Open your browser and go to



The WordPress defaults are all set in the .evn.example file. Change what you need to quickly reproduce different setups during testing. Removing the value and the = from a value will omit setting it and therefore fall back to WordPress internal default.

The default theme is TwentyThirteen (because I think TwentyFourteen is quite ugly). It is installed as wpackagist-theme via Composer. To change that, alter the composer.json file or simply add your preferred theme. You can set pretty much every theme that lives in the wp.org repository. This makes it easy to test compatibility in case of bug reports and is quite convenient.


MIT - it's as easy as that