Adds a shortcode for embedding YouTube video. For Silverstripe

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codecov.io This module allows YouTube videos to be entered as short codes. It is based on the SSBits tutorial http://www.ssbits.com/tutorials/2010/2-4-using-short-codes-to-embed-a-youtube-video/ and adpated to work with Silverstripe 3.

##Functionality Videos can be entered into a page using the YouTube code (the v parameter in a YouTube URL).

[YouTube id='_yY3Gu8HbzE']

The following parameters are also permitted:

  • autoplay - set this value to anything, e.g. 1 or true, to enable autoplay on the embedded video
  • caption - Text to display after an embedded video. This can either be passed as an attribute or as follows [YouTube id='_yY3Gu8HbzE']This is the caption[/YouTube]
  • height - set the height of the video
  • width - set the width of the video