Same as a standard page but with the addition of a main image

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This module provides for rendering subpages as images of folders, which themselves can contain similar folders. Images can also be attached to third party module page types and rendered in the same way.


Provided Page Types

A PageWithImage is container within a PageWithImageFolder. Both are the same as a standard Page, but with the addition of a main image (MainImage field).

Extending Provided Page Types

One can simply extend PageWithImage adding whatever is needed for the subclass as appropriate.

class AnimalPage extends PageWithImage {
	private static $db = array('Name' => 'Varchar');

The above class AnimalPage will appear when right clicking on a PageWithImageFolder to add a new subpage.

Using the AddImageExtension

There are 2 configuration changes required for a Page type that does not already have an attached image.

  • Add the AddImageExtension
  • Allow the third party Page type be a child of PageWithImageFolder (otherwise you can't add it) To do this add a config file, say pagewithimage.yml in your own module or mysite/_config directory with YML as per the following:
Name: yoursitepagewithimage
After: pagewithimage
    - PageWithImage
    - ThirdPartyPage
    - AddImageExtension

Repeat for each ThirdPartyPage type that you would like to have an image.


  • SilverStripe 3.1


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