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Facebook LikeBoxPage, Like Button, Metadata

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  • Add a like button to any page
  • Add a facebook like box to any page
  • Add facebook metadata to any page


composer require "weboftalent/facebook-tools:~1"

The name of the output directory does not matter


Site Configuration

A 'Facebook Metadata' tab will now appear in the Site Config. There you can upload an image that will be shown in Facebook when a link from the site is provided. Otherwise facebook tries to guess from the content.


Facebook API

Add the following to your Page templates, after the body tag.

<% include DownloadFacebookJS %>

This will provide the Javascript required to load the Facebook API. It is a necessary step for what follows.

Like Button

Insert the following where you would like the Like Button to appear

<% include FacebookLikeButton %>

Facebook Metadata

In the head section of your Page template, insert the following:

<% include FacebookMetadata %>

This will provide basic metadata extracted from existing page information, and also add the logo if you have provided one in the SiteConfig 'Facebook Metadata' tab.

Content Types


Create a page of type 'Facebook Like Box Page'. In the Facebook tab, enter the URL of your page (e.g. http://www.facebook.com/WebOfTalentLtd). If you do not do this an error message will appear on the page in the public version of the site.

Silverstripe Version Compatibility

2.4 only (tested with 2.4.5+) - stable24 branch 3.1