Plugin allowing to integrate marketing automation made by ActiveCampaign in Sylius.



ActiveCampaign Plugin

Sylius plugin to integrate the marketing # 1 automation platform

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What does this plugin do?

The SyliusActiveCampaignPlugin takes care of creating and updating contacts, connections, orders, and abandoned carts on ActiveCampaign.

Who is this plugin for?

Everyone! This plugin works for those who have never used ActiveCampaign before and also for those who already use ActiveCampaign and want to integrate it with Sylius.

How can I install the plugin on my Sylius store?

Please, check the documentation at the Installation step.

Is this plugin conformed to privacy?

This plugin does not check if the customers have given their consent for marketing purposes. Why? Simply because Sylius does not do it :). The framework (and the plugins so) should be very flexible to be used all over the world. It couldn't be possible to provide a solution for everyone, so, the responsibility to choose which customers, orders, and connections to export to ActiveCampaign is yours. Webgriffe does not take any responsibility for incorrect use of this integration and for not respecting the wishes of users on their eCommerce / website. At the same time, this plugin was designed with these issues in mind and is therefore easily customizable.

Where do I start?

First, we recommend that you read the entire documentation available at this link. Then you could start to install the plugin and use the basic features it gives such as the abandoned cart. You could also think to suggest some new features that this integration could add. So, let's start! 🚀